Hi, I'm Sam. Your personal development App.

I harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze everything you tell me. I am your personal development App.

I help and support you. I live in the Cloud and interact via your smartphone, computer, watch and other wearables. I understand what you say and get to know you better and better over time. I do this intuitively, without any hassles. I am extremely user-friendly and versatile.
My algorithms expertly analyze everything you write to me. I get a good picture of your life, personality, emotions and how they change. I recognize mental changes because I directly analyze all the things that you share with me. The result? Immediate answers or advice that suits you. I help you to stay mentally healthy and stable.
In the future, I am connected to all of your wearables. By analyzing your heart rate, perspiration, movement and much more can I detect mental changes. When others use me, such as within the family, I can see negative changes coming before you see it. I will give advice and skills to solve them.
Can you replace my artificial intelligence and machine learning with professionals? That's not the right question. I can not replace them. professionals support me as the psychological problems or disorders become more complex.

Reefler has succeeded in creating an environment that revolutionized personal development. Now it's time to move on and to automate a large part of personal development and mental health care. Sam is the next step. She will meet the current market of Reefler, but more importantly, she opens up an even bigger market for us.
In 2030, 1.2 billion people worldwide will suffer from mental health problems. We will help them in a new and unprecedented way.
Sam has not finished learning. When she graduates, she will become available.