Security at Reefler

For us, like you, your online safety has high a priority. To prevent your (privacy-sensitive) information is read by others, it is important that communication goes through a secure connection. Reefler therefore uses an encrypted connection.

Hiermee voorkomen we dat uw gegevens in handen van derden belanden. Door encryptie wordt via het internet uitgewisselde informatie gewaarborgd en uitsluitend toegankelijk voor de verzender en ontvanger.

Before the granting of the certificate Reefler was extensively screened by GoDaddy, the company that issues the certificate.

Delivering a good online security continues to be a common effort.

Reefler offers you a highly secure connection to our environment. It is your responsibility to keep your login information to yourself. Do not make them known to others.


If you connect to our website in your browser you see a lock and our url in the address bar looks like this

You can check the certificate in the following way: in your browser there will appear a green colored name Snoober. If you click it, you will see our company information so you know that the certificate is real.

The certificate is applied for under the trade Snoober the part of our organisation that is responsible for the technical development and security.

Have you found a potential vulnerability? Please complete our contact form and give detailed instructions on the vulnerability and how to reproduce it.